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9 Things Couples forget when booking their photographer

A wedding photographer is one of the most important suppliers you’ll book for the big day. Be prepared with a list of questions before you part with any hard-earned cash. Have a budget I know this sounds obvious but it’s really important to finalise your budget before searching for photographers. I have met a lot of people who search for wedding photographers without knowing their budget. There’s a great photographer out there for everyone’s price range, so it’s important that you know what you can afford and stick to it.

Ask to see a portfolio If you are interested in a specific photographer, ask them if they have any work that is not on their website. You want to make sure you are choosing the right photographer for you, any photographer will be happy to show you the rest of their work – not just the pick of the bunch.

Meet your photographer Most photographers offer a pre-wedding consultation or engagement shoot If you are given the opportunity to meet the photographer before the big day, I recommend you take the chance. Your photographer will be with you all day – from the preparations to the first dance – so it’s important you feel you can have fun with them and be relaxed and comfortable in their company.

Trust your photographer Trust that your photographer will get the right shots for you on the day. As a photographer, it’s important for us to feel trusted by our clients – that’s why we like to meet you before the big day. It’s my job to know what shots are needed to create a wonderful photo album.

Style is everything Make sure you like your photographer’s style. A lot of people pick their photographer purely on budget but every photographer has their own style. For instance, some photographers primarily shoot in black and white, so don’t expect them to shoot in colour. Most photographers will bend over backwards for their clients but style is something that should be the photographer’s choice.

Group shots Every wedding has its standard group shots but I like to ask my clients for a group shot list before their big day. You know your family better than we do, so if there are any family members you’d like a photo with, suggest this to your photographer beforehand. Share the timetable As a photographer it’s really helpful when couples arrange for me to have a copy of the timetable or running order for the day. It’s important for us to be organised, too, so that we can be everywhere we need to be, without missing any special moments.

How many shooters? We are lucky that we come as a pair. If there is only one photographer, be aware they can’t be everywhere at once. For instance the preparations in the morning can be quite hectic, sit down with your photographer and explain what you would like from them. A lot of the time the bride’s preparations can take a lot longer than first anticipated so if you would like photos of the groom, let your photographer know and they will work around your requests.

Special requests Let your photographer know if you have any special requests for your big day. I always ask my clients if there is anything I should know about, such as special guests, blessings, surprises, anything out of the ordinary that should be captured on your big day. Pre-warn your photographer so they can be in just the right place to capture all the action.

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