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Photography Shot List (sample ideas)

Getting Ready

  • Location exterior

  • Dress hanging

  • Dress details

  • Jewelry

  • Shoes

  • Ring shots

  • Wedding invitation, and other details

  • Bride(s) and bridesmaids hair and makeup

  • Bouquets, corsages, flowers

  • Bride(s) finishing dress/veil with help from mother of the bride or bridesmaid(s)

  • Bridal party candids

  • Putting jewellery on (with help)

  • Putting on shoes (with help)

  • Bride(s) portraits

  • Mother and bride portrait

  • Father and bride portrait

  • Parents and bride.

  • Family and bride.

  • Bride(s) with each bridal party member on their side (Optional)

  • Bride(s) coming down stairs or leaving location

  • Groom(s) details (cufflinks, ties, socks, shoes)

  • Groom(s) and groomsmen getting ready

  • Groom(s) portraits

  • Groom(s) group shots

  • Groom(s) with each person on their side (optional at this time)




First Look

  • Before they see each other.

  • Candid photos of the two of them.

  • Bridal party/family reactions (if present)

  • Photos of the two of them.

  • Optional bridal party session

  • Optional family photo session



  • Venue exteriors.

  • Venue interior details.

  • Wedding vehicle

  • Candid bride(s) and father/mother

  • Candid bride(s) and bridesmaids/flower girls

  • Candid groom(s) and groomsmen

  • Candid guests inside and outside

  • Bride(s) arrival in vehicle

  • Bride(s) exiting vehicole

  • Ushers seating guests

  • Bridal party coming down aisle

  • Bride(s) walking down the aisle

  • Closeup of Groom's reaction

  • Father/mother/family giving bride away

  • Vows, closeup on reactions

  • Rings closeup

  • Closeups of all key members of the ceremony

  • First kiss, and celebration after

  • Recessional/couple walking back down the aisle

  • Exiting the venue transition photo.

  • Greeting guests outside



Post-Ceremony - Couple

  • Standard portraits of the couple together. Full length, ¾ length.

  • Candid photos of them interacting.

  • Photo of the back of the dress full length

  • Portraits of bride/groom on their own


Bridal Party

  • Couple with each side of bridesmaids/groomsmen

  • Couple with entire wedding party with children

  • Couple with entire wedding party without children

  • Couple with any children in the wedding party

  • Bride(s) with bridesmaids

  • Brides(s) with individual bridesmaids

  • Groom(s) and groomsmen

  • Groom(s) with individual groomsmen

  • (Optional) individual portraits of all wedding party members



  • Couple with all immediate family members (both sides)

  • Couple with each set of parents

  • Couple with both sets of parents

  • Bride or Groom with their parents

  • Bride or Groom with each individual parent

  • Bride or groom with their parents and siblings

  • Couple with each side of parents, siblings and siblings partners

  • Couple with all siblings

  • Couple with grandparents

  • Bride or groom with their grandparents


Cocktail Hour

  • Candids of guests

  • Small group photos with the couple and friends


Wedding Reception

  • Empty reception room (if possible)

  • All decor and details brought in by the couple

  • Introductions

  • Speeches

  • Candid reactions of speeches

  • Cutting the cake

  • The first dance

  • Bride(s) with father/groom(s) with mother dances

  • Guests dancing

  • Musicians, singers, DJ

Sunset Session (if applicable)

  • Do one.

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